Goals Evaluation & Requirements

Goals Evaluation & RequirementsIf your company, organization, or municipality is focused on growth and connecting in a meaningful way, you need value from your website developer. We can put together a plan to tackle your most ambitious goals. In our first meeting, we would like you to be prepared to talk through five key points with us:

  • Objective of the website:
    Be prepared to discuss how your site fits into your company’s larger goals. Who is responsible for growing or maintaining the content? We’ll also decide on a content management solution that best fits your growth plans and budget.
  • Provide an initial content outline:
    Provide as much of your current content as possible. This will give the team a better understanding of the voice/tone of your brand. If the content does not have the right voice, don’t worry. We have talented writers that can shift all of your content so that it’s consistent with your branding.
  • Software Integration Requirements:
    What do you want your website to accomplish? Do you need to post surveys, sell items or services, have a support system for tickets or build a knowledgebase? These are all examples of software integration. The sooner we know about these objectives, even if they are plans for the future, the easier it will be to build the groundwork and infrastructure for the website.
  • Services Integration
    Are there services you currently use that will require integration into the new site? Let’s identify those in advance so we can figure out what integration options are available. Examples of service integration are newsletter signup, twitter feed, external availability calendar and booking, and GIS maps.
  • Launch Deadline
    Timely completion of all projects will be mutually beneficial to all parties involved. Your launch deadline needs to include time for training and review of the work completed. If you have additional software that required integration, you may have staff members are responsible for various portions of your site. We’ll schedule training of any necessary team members, so everyone is ready on launch day.

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