Email Archiving

Easily preserve crucial email data and attachments via a searchable, scalable, cloud-based archiving service.

Email Archiving is a cloud-based retention solution that captures, indexes and stores a single copy of all email messages and attachments in a physically separate archive system. It works with most email programs, including Hosted Exchange and Office 365 offerings and helps your company to have easy access to a complete record of every email sent or received by your users, protected by granular admin rights and fully searchable and discoverable.


Today, much of an organization’s intellectual property is stored in or communicated via email. That’s just one powerful reason to develop an ironclad email preservation plan. Saving discussions and historical data can ease employee transitions, help protect your assets, and serve as a real-time repository of who said what and when — even as mailboxes are removed or new mailboxes are added within your domain.



Email Archiving delivers the massive scalability of the cloud while allowing end users or specific reviewers access to archived email from any web browser. It requires no hardware, software or significant effort to set up. Immediate email archiving and comprehensive search capability can mean faster response to the types of audits and discovery requests that can slow down your business and be prohibitively expensive if you are not prepared.


Are you managing your own email and storing it in-house? Email Archiving works with your hosted email service or Office 365 to reduce your IT costs and workload in two ways. First, it eliminates the hassle and time spent on in-house email storage management and archiving. Second, it allows your admins or techs to support your end users more efficiently.


  • 100% scalable, cloud-based service — not limited by any size restrictions
  • Configurable retention and storage
  • Domain-wide search
  • Cross-platform compatible
  • End-user access to personal archives
  • Importation of legacy data and export to multiple formats (bulk export assistance available)
  • Comprehensive reporting system for exports and custom reports
  • File archiving and LDAP support
  • Customizable features for branding, login messages and welcome messages
  • Special version for Office 365 also available


Email Archiving gives you significant capabilities and protections over native archiving provided in Office 365:

  • Data preservation: With Office 365, data is editable in the Exchange Online Archive, and end users can add and delete messages at any time. With Email Archiving, you can preserve every sent and received message and all file attachments using WORM-compliant storage that cannot be altered or corrupted. Messages are indexed, audit trails are provided and legal holds can be applied right away.
  • File attachments: With Office 365, index and search capabilities only support 50 types of Microsoft file attachments. With Email Archiving, you get archiving support for over 500 types of file attachments and the content is indexed as well.
  • Deleted mailboxes: With Office 365, deleted emails are held for 14 days and after 30 days, all data is purged from inactive mailboxes.
  • Search capabilities: With Office 365, searches are limited to 10,000 mailboxes, search results are limited to 250 records, concurrent searches are limited to two, and searches time out after 10 minutes. With Email Archiving, there are no limitations on the number of mailboxes per search, no limitations on the volume of results per search, no concurrent search limits and no time-out restrictions.
  • Data flexibility: With office 365, data can only be exported as a PST file requiring conversion to other formats. With Email Archiving, you can export data in multiple file formats, including PST, EML, NSF, PDF, HTML and TXT.
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