About Astrocomical

rocket 256A group of seriously casual, sometimes comical, always astronomical, platonical capsuleers.

Astrocomical is a member of the Warped Intentions Alliance <W4RP> which operates within Providence and lower Domain (nullsec).

In addition to our nullsec activities, Astrocomical maintains a high-sec presence and participates in mining operations, mission and complex running. We strive to provide services to our corporation base that makes it easier for them to accomplish their goals and make isk while enjoying the company of their fellow corp mates.

We require that you have the ability to log into Teamspeak 3 and talk. Our corporation entertains both US and Aussie timezones. Recruitment is open, be ready to answer questions and provide your full account API key. Our recruitment process may take a week or more so be patient.

Astrocomical Partners:


Resource (Owner)


Minerva Arbosa (Owner)