Jeff Milton

Founder & CEO
  • Location:
    Aurora, Colorado
  • Education:
    BFA in Design & Advertising from MCA
  • Marketing Career:
    Since 1995

Skillsets that make a difference:

Designer / UI UX / Business Analyst / Strategist
  • Evaluates new initiative requirements and goals working with management and key staff.
  • Helps startups put together a strategic plan with process focused implementation plans.
  • Steps into underperforming businesses to identify tactical failures in process flow, messaging, and reporting through data analysis. Reveals new revenue or efficiency opportunities and new business operating models.
  • Experience: SaaS, E-Commerce, Private and Public Social Networks, Internal Software and Systems, and Integrated Marketing / Sales Initiatives, and working with governments at the Federal, State, and Local Levels.
  • Facilitates process improvement and staff training.
  • Stays current with marketing and communication trends as well as technology advancements. Produces readiness assessments for business procedure complience  along with cost benefit analysis and implementation timelines.
  • Extensive IT and development background supporting rollout and scalability.
  • Uses testing suites to identify procedure and usability issues. Creates feedback loops for end users to address issues quickly. Coordinates with IT for stress testing of mission critical systems and address failure contingency plans.
  • Creates project plans (waterfall and scrum) to ensure milestones are reached on time and with the proper quality assurance testing. Coordinates with all players in a developing project to update use cases, provide status reports, and draft technical designs and diagrams conforming to existing standards to facilitate coordination between parties. When large updates occur, I schedule and run review meetings.
  • Facilitates cross training. Coordinates and communiates with development, IT, project managers, business partners.
Jeff Milton

Product Development Success

Municipality Branding & Online Presence
For over 10 years we have set the visual aesthetic and communication and messaging strategy for Collierville, Tennessee, an afluent growing town of 50,000 sitting in a metropolitan city of 1.3 million. All town websites are developed by Marketing Progress and staff are trained to maintain and update the sites.

Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Pedigree Tracking System
Studied chain of custody requirements for handling of genetically modified food products architected a system to meet EU standards. Project Managed four separate development cycles over the course of 2 years that resulted in a system over 500,000 lines of code. Product was purchased by Monsanto.

Meal Planning Diet and Lifestyle Site
Product/Project managed re-write of java based nutritional system into php/mysql with agile environment allowing quick capture of new market opportunities. Shift of languages reduced cycle time of new feature launches using existing resources. Site launched and quickly purchased and becoming a key offering for a fitness SAAS offering.

Exercise Company (Recovery)
Aided client with collapsed ecommerce infrastructure and quickly put together a structured plan to fix, rebuild, and restructure capturing the lost 1.1 million dollar revenue stream. Gathered requirements needed to facilitate new business and extended rebuilt system capturing an additional 600 thousand dollars in new business.
My grandfather taught me to always, "Deliver more than promised". 
Jeff Milton